Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sometimes a pig's gotta fly...........

Hello all, Lora here taking my turn for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts with this little piggy whose just gotta fly. Having escaped the confines of the balloon, she grew some wings and has taken off into blue skies. Skimming over the trees, enjoying the view, she's a happy little porker!
She is pretty fancy with her necklace of flowers and her glittery wings.

Here is where I began......
 I started off with the new ATC Shrine-Steampunk. (which will be coming soon!)
I dry fit it together using a couple of pieces of tape, working out the order that I needed to assemble it in.
Because the piece is designed with a 'hinge' already, I decided that I would not glue the bottom or the door on until I was finished working on the inside of the shadowbox and both sides of the door.
I gave everything a good coat of gesso and started cutting out my bits and pieces.
Worked with the bottom open. I painted a blue sky and built up a little scene for my pig to fly over.
Whilst things were drying, I painted the door and embellished the front. I mixed a bit of glaze with cobalt blue paint and coated the balloon with it, adding some sparkles. I papered the gears, added gold and brown ink around the edges. A little sparkle on the banner, then glued it on. And added some white dots for detail.
I like adding dots to things.
I glued the bottom and the door on the piece and added a bit of moss (for shrubbery) on the bottom piece. Voila.
A cute and cheerful little box of piggy happiness!
Thank you for stopping by!

ATC Shadowbox-Steampunk (coming soon)

acrylic paint
collage images
Graphic 45 'Olde Curiosity Shoppe 6x6 Scrapbook Paper (for the pig and the gears on the balloon)
florist moss
Stickles Diamond

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Good Fortune Fairy Pocket Cards.....and a trio of Snarky Witches for balance.

I do believe in balance. So when I made these sweet Good Fortune Fairy Cards, though I really like them, I felt a bit nauseous. I made the Snarky Witch cards as a sort of psychic Rolaids. Now I'm happy.
 I began with Stars Playing Cards (for a complete list of the great stuff supplied by Alpha Stamps click HERE )
I gave them a coat of Gesso....
And using the back side of the cards a s a template, I cut out all of the papers I needed, front and back and glued them to the back board of the cards.
I cut out my images from the Star Fairies Collage Sheet and pumped up their color with some Copic Markers.
After the color was done, I positioned the fairies inside the front frames (which I painted with Lumiere Halo Blue Gold) and glued them in.
I then glued the front piece on to the back, let them all dry and gave them a good sanding.
I inked the edges with gold.
After all that dried, I went to town with Stickles and added lots of sparkle and detail. Fun!
A couple of close-up pictures where you can see the sanded edges and the gold inking and sparkly bits.....

And here are my Snarky Witches to give a little tartness to all the sweet. Sigh....I do love some snark!

 For a complete list of the supplies used, click HERE.
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Little Haunted House Fold Out Book

Ah, favorite! Seems like we're all starting to get into the spooky season a little early, but there are quite a few of us who love creating Halloween treasures all year.
I'm certainly one of them! Lora here taking my turn for the awesome Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and I'm very excited to show you my latest project.
Here's a little fold out book of wee houses that I couldn't resist making with the new Arch Top House Silhouettes. (they'll be coming soon!)
I love these little buggers....they're small enough not to be overwhelming and large enough to add lots of little details to. And you can put together as many as you like or just do one. Super fun.
 I like odd numbers, so I chose to do seven panels.
And serendipitously the perfect word fit on the back.
 Here's where I started out....first, I cut all the papers I wanted to use on the front. I used linen hinging tape to connect my houses (about 1/4 inch exposed as hinge) and then painted the backsides, including the tape, black.
I then flipped the whole thing over and painted the front hinges black. You don't have to paint the whole front pieces, as the houses will be covered in paper.
After everything dried I glued my papers on and inked up the sides. I started playing with different components that I wanted to use and rearranging things as they fit together.
I try not to waste materials and you can see that the green house only has trim going about halfway across. That's because I planned on putting a big face on the right side and was avoiding using excess materials and also was trying not to add unnecessary thickness to the house, keeping in mind that I want to fold it up.
 When I had all the major elements glued down I added the little white dots to all the houses to add some delicate detail. The dots, the repeating borders and the white tree limbs all add coherency and theme to the overall look of the book.
Ooh, what a pretty spider!
This gal looks like she might be hungry for a little appetizer.....
Thank you so much for stopping by!
Arch Top House Silhouette (coming soon!)
Creepy Tree 5 Inch (cut up and used throughout the houses)
Spider and Web Corners (coming soon)

Graphic 45 An Eerie Tale 6x6 papers
Bo Bunny Vintage Dot papers
Black Dresden Trim (all papers and trim came from Alpha Stamps)
Art Tea Life digital scrapbook images
Black acrylic paint
Linen hinging tape
White poster paint marker ( you can get them at Amazon HERE)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Wyrd Sisters School of Beauty

Here at WySSBy we know that beauty goes deeper than skin!
Yes, indeed, and we are here to help you achieve your beauty goals. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 1-800-555-WART and you'll be on your way to a beautiful new you!
When you join the amazing family that is THE WYRD SISTERS SCHOOL OF BEAUTY you will receive this AMAZING FREE GIFT.
Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, you and your friends will be amazed by the AMAZING changes in your appearance and attitude.
Here's a closer look at a few of the wonders inside.......
New and REVOLUTIONARY Spider Lash Mascara, now in a Lush Leg Formula!
Updated and better-than-ever ADD-A-WART KIT! It's amazing!
And just in case you are ever at a loss for a snappy comeback, we've included this new spell formula, THE SNARKY RETORT!
Never find yourself short a sarcastic comment again! Amaze your friends!

Mix your own potion formulas (All ingredients conveniently provided!!) for glowing skin and finish your look with Blotch-n-Go Face Powder. Add a hint of roughness to those lips with Chap and Peels Original Lip Balm.
Yes, Folks, all this and more can be yours!
All YOU need to do is pay $59.95 shipping and handling and we' ll send this Priority Mail! (Canada deliveries not guaranteed. Overseas orders $799.99)
This is a limited time offer. Call 1-800-555-WART for your Amazing Beauty makeover today!

Thank you once again to the fabulous (and amazing!) Alpha Stamps for providing most of the supplies used in this nutsy piece!
For a link to all the supplies provided by Alpha Stamps, click Here.

Supplies List
Little Household Goods Collage Sheet
Secret spell Book Labels Collage Sheet
Little Potions Collage Sheet
Small Dresden Frame with Shell Corners
Mini Cigar Box- 3x4
Mini Cigar Box Set
1 Inch Glass Bottle with Cork
1-1/2 Inch Glass Bottle with Cork
12 Tiny Glass Bottles
Amber resin Potions Bottle
Corked Vials (the tall skinny one)
Large Clear Resin Potions Bottle
Mini Inkwell Bottle
Tiny Round Bottles
White Resin Condiment Bottle
Mini Floral Dresden Borders-Antique Gold
Wide Scalloped Dresden Border (painted white)
Mini Mason Jar-Medium
Stickles-Lime Green and Diamond
Metal Paint Can with Lid

Additional Supplies
Bo bunny Sweet Moments Scrapbook Papers
Various Beads for Lids
Linen Hinging Tape
Acrylic Paints
Filigree Frames Shape Set (from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts)

Hopefully no one is THAT gullible, but just in case.....
This was not a real advertisement.
Okey dokey.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pretty 1:12 Scale Bed

Ooh, I love working in the classic doll house scale of 1:12! For those who aren't familiar with 1:12 scale, the explanation is that every foot of measurement equals an inch. So if your sofa in real life is eight feet long, it will be eight inches long in a dolls house.
Here is the latest edition to my ongoing dolls house project. A pretty little bed, fit for well, just about anyone who likes pretty little beds!
And a picture without the mattress...
I started out with the Standard Bed 1 to 12 .
I glued the Filigree to the head and foot board of the bed, being mindful that the filigree goes on the inside of the head board and the outside of the foot board. I also glued some legs on to give the bed a bit more height. (just used some scrap chipboard to do this)
I gave everything a good coat of white paint and dry fit it together.
After making sure everything fit together well, I took it apart and painted the filigree green using a bit of paper towel to lightly dab the paint on. A sponge would work well, too.
 After the green paint dried, I glues the bed together and used a rubber band to hold it firmly in place whilst it dried.
I also glued the bed skirt ( a bit of lace from my stash) onto the inside of the bed railing.
After everything dried, I added the detail to the head board and foot board by piping Liquid Pearls on the filigree and let the scrolly design influence where I applied the paint.
Dimensional fabric paint also works well here.
I extended the detail on to the smooth parts of the head boards as well and also the side slats. I think it looks more finished this way.
This bed also come is half scale, which is half inch to the foot. This was so much fun, I may make the smaller one as well! Thank you for stopping by!
Standard Bed 1 to 12
Chevron scrolly thing (will edit)

White paint
Green paint
Liquid Pearls
Scrap lace